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Study TitleStudy AreaStudy DescriptionStudy URL
How Social Issues Impacted Voting in the 2016 US PSocialWe are looking to better understand how social issues, media use, & personal views on men & women impacted voting in the 2016 US presidential election Submission Link
Examine the Psychology Capstone ExperienceOtherWe are interested in learning about senior capstone options utilized at your school, and what works best. Submission Link
Social and Religious Factors on Subjective Well-beSocialAttempting to find an association involving religiosity, social support, and/or social support from religious affiliation. Submission Link
Physician assisted suicide: Attitudes of the MinneSocialResearch study to explore the Minnesota general population's attitudes towards physician assisted suicide. Submission Link
Bilingual/Monolingual ThinkingCognitiveThis study is concerned with critical thinking skills and how they are influenced by speaking one or two languages. Duration ca 30 mins. Submission Link